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Does your big toe pain keep you standing still?

The big toe joint holds up 100% of your weight every time you step.1 That pressure can cause the cartilage in the joint to wear down, leading to painful big toe arthritis. The good news? There are treatment options that can help you move again. what is CARTIVA® SCI synthetic cartilage implant (SCI)? CARTIVA® SCI […]

Recovering from an ACL Injury

It’s football season at last. But along with those crisp fall nights, bright field lights, and the cheers from the stands, football season can sometimes also mean football injuries. For most players, a few bumps and bruises come with the territory. In some cases, though, those injuries can be more serious and may even require […]

7 Benefits of Robotic Surgery

If you’re facing a diagnosis that may require surgery, you probably already have a short list of considerations to worry about: How soon will you need surgery? Where will you have it done? How long will your recovery be?  Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make will be the surgeon you select. In fact, choosing […]

Not all sports injuries require surgery

Fall and winter in Alabama mean more than just shorter days and cooler nights—these seasons also signify a return to organized sports of all shapes and sizes. From Pop Warner football to those Friday night lights, basketball, volleyball and soccer, the colder months can bring with them an onslaught of sports injuries.  While many sports […]

Gaming Injuries

Esports Injuries When you hear the phrase “sports injuries,” you may immediately think of football, basketball and baseball injuries players sustain while competing or training. These injuries impact professionals to weekend warriors. You may not include esports injuries in your list of ones to be aware of, but you should. People who regularly participate in […]

Not your father’s joint replacement

Not your father’s joint replacements Sixty may be the new 40, but hips and knees frequently feel their age. To ensure that those later years are more comfortable and more active, Americans are more frequently opting for joint replacement surgeries that can improve both pain and mobility. Right now, more than 7 million Americans are […]

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