Our doctors provide treatment and management for joint replacement – specializing in total shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle joint replacement

Arthritis affects millions of Americans every year. When non-surgical options have not alleviated pain and disability, joint replacement may be another option. Our team of physicians specialize in a number of total joint replacements. Whether it is a worn out shoulder, hip, knee or ankle, let DOC make a treatment plan just for you.

New Technology in Joint Replacement

DOC is now offering Mako SmartRobotics. This latest technology provides a personalized plan – allowing your surgeon to cut less by cutting precisely what’s planned – protecting healthy bone.

Shoulder Replacement

The shoulder joint allows for more motion than any other major joint. When your shoulder is arthritic and painful, it can be difficult to perform simple tasks. We want to keep you as active as possible. When nonoperative treatments have failed, a shoulder replacement may be the answer. At DOC, we specialize in both total shoulder replacement and reverse total shoulder replacement. Our physicians can help decide the best route for you. The DOC team wants to work with you to develop a plan of action to keep you happy and healthy.

  • Reverse Total Shoulder
  • Standard Total Shoulder
  • Total Shoulder Revisions

Come see Dr. Tapscott and his team for a consultation to see if shoulder replacement is right for you.

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Hip Replacement

Hip arthritis can be very debilitating. At DOC, we understand the impact hip pain can have on your daily life. A total hip replacement is a procedure that treats end-stage hip arthritis. We want to get you back to the things you love. We offer traditional posterior hip replacement procedures as well as newer anterior procedures. Our team will work with you to decide the best course of action for each patient.

  • Posterior Approach Total Hip
  • Anterior Approach Total Hip
  • Total Hip Revisions

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Knee Replacement

Knee arthritis is a source of pain for many Americans. It can slow you down, and even keep you from doing simple tasks. When nonoperative treatment has failed, our DOC physicians want to get you back on track. This can be done with a total knee replacement. We work together to make a plan that gets you back to your normal routine.

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Ankle Replacement

It all comes down to the ankle. Your whole body weight goes through your ankle on every step. So if your ankle is arthritic and painful, every step is tough. Total ankle replacement is now a great alternative to fusing the ankle.

Come see Dr. Daigre and his team for a consultation to see if ankle replacement is right for you.

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