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Services in Decatur and Hartselle, Alabama

At DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, the healthcare team provides comprehensive orthopedic services specializing in sports medicine and the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of bone and joint injuries. The providers have extensive experience in orthopedic surgery and use the latest technologies and surgical techniques to help patients recover quickly, including:

  • Mako SmartRobotic technology: Using the Mako SmartRobotic 3D technology, computerized tomography (CT)-based planning software, the medical team can create a personalized surgical plan for each patient.
  • Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction: Patients with painful bunions can take advantage of this Lapiplasty treatment method. It stabilizes the joint that causes the deformity, making it less likely that the bunion will return.

DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine serves patients in Decatur and Hartselle, Alabama, and surrounding locations.

Treatment Areas

Patients will find well-rounded orthopedic care at DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. Areas of expertise include the following:

  • Sports injury management: The physicians are trained to treat concussions, as well as athletic injuries of the foot, ankle, shoulder, and knee.
  • Joint replacement: The team uses minimally invasive procedures and robotic technology to perform joint replacement surgeries for knee, shoulder, ankle, and hip
  • Foot and ankle surgery: A wide range of treatments for foot and ankle conditions are available, including those for bunions, hammertoes, stress fractures, and Achilles tendon tears.
  • Fracture care: Patients receive expert treatment for joint fracture and dislocation.
  • Non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders: Non-operative treatment options include bracing, injections, physical therapy, and medication. The team also advises on appropriate lifestyle changes.

Bone Health Clinic

DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine now offers a special clinic focused on bone health to support patients with osteoporosis. Led by Rebecca McWhirter, CRNP, the Bone Health Clinic provides diagnosis, treatment, and education for patients living with this condition. In partnership with Decatur Morgan Hospital, patients can receive a bone density screening to help create a personalized treatment plan.

Onsite Open MRI with Same-Day Scheduling

DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine has extensive diagnostic capabilities and imaging services. With onsite open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, patients can see a physician and complete their imaging appointment on the same day. This allows for prompt diagnosis and treatment, as well as the comfortable experience that an open MRI provides. The MRI suite is located adjacent to the clinic in Decatur, AL.

Physical Therapy at DOC Rehab

Physical therapy is critical for a faster and more complete recovery process and is recommended for many bone and joint injuries and disorders. DOC Rehab is the physical therapy clinic, conveniently located adjacent to the main office. This proximity allows the physicians to remain involved at every step of a patient’s recovery process.

No matter what your orthopaedic health care needs, the team of professionals at DOC will develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

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At DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, the healthcare team is committed to helping each patient live a healthy life. In addition to sports medicine, patients can find treatment for spine pain and hand, wrist, and elbow conditions. Whatever type of orthopedic care a patient requires, the professionals will develop a treatment plan that meets their unique needs. Orthopedic surgery practices are located in Decatur and Hartselle, AL. To learn more about the treatment options at DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, schedule an appointment today.

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