Beware of “Fall” Injuries

Beware of “Fall” Injuries

As the seasons change, the crisp cool weather starts to turn our focus to the holidays before us: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas… These holidays bring opportunities to spend time with family and friends, sharing food, traditions, and festivities.
Holidays may also bring the potential increased risk of injury, as we spend more active time doing things we don’t typically do:
● Fall yard work such as planting, raking, and trimming
● Holiday errands including trips to the pumpkin patch or other shopping
● Decorating, both inside and out
● Travel for vacation or to visit family
All this extra bending, stooping, lifting, carrying – and even just sitting for long periods in a car or plane – can set you up for pain or even injury.
Strains and Sprains – Autumn is a great time to head outside to garden, rake leaves, and take care of your yard. But the repetitive movements such as lifting, twisting, and bending can strain or sprain your back. You can avoid strains and sprains by using high-quality, well-maintained tools and making sure to take frequent breaks. And when it’s time to transition to Christmas decorations, be cautious of lifting and carrying boxes, as well as climbing ladders.
Running Injuries – Fall is the perfect time to take your treadmill routine outside, but keep in mind that shifting your routine may lead to running injuries. Some of the most common running injuries include runner’s knee, shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, and stress fractures. To reduce your risk, warm up in advance, use proper form, and wear comfortable shoes.
Car Accidents – Traveling for the holidays is practically an American tradition, but being on the road with lots of other drivers can put you at risk for car accidents. Plus, things like deer and leaves can also pose a hazard, especially when roads are wet. To avoid car accidents in the autumn, slow down and pay complete attention to the road ahead of you. You should also scrape ice off your car and defog your windows before you get behind the wheel.
Slip and Fall Injuries – Slip and fall injuries arise frequently in the fall because of all the leaves that coat the ground. Not only do leaves make it a challenge to see what you’re walking on, they often fill dents and holes. In addition, daylight savings time may cause the sunlight to impair your vision and make walking dangerous. To prevent slip and fall injuries, clear leaves, wear sunglasses, and make sure your exterior lights are in optimal condition.
If you find yourself dealing with aches, pains, or injuries this fall, you may want to consider a visit with a specialist at DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. Since 1972, these specialists have been committed to providing exceptional orthopaedic care through innovative techniques, quality services, thorough patient communication, and education. With specialties ranging from general orthopaedics and physical therapy to sports medicine and more, the doctors at DOC Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine can provide local expert guidance to avoid injury, as well as any necessary care for any orthopaedic disorder or injury to help keep your holidays healthy and pain free.


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