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Is Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery for you?

Is Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery for you?

Robotic assisted surgery may sound like something out of a science fiction story, but the fact is, this innovative technology is being used in North Alabama right now. Dr. Scott Sharp at DOC Orthopaedics uses this revolutionary tool to provide the best intervention possible. He uses a remote device to direct the robotic arm, which then painstakingly excises any diseased or damaged tissue affecting your joint. Because the robotic arm is capable of fine movements more precise than the human hand can deliver, Dr. Sharp is also able to clear the path for the insertion of your new synthetic joint and place the implant in exactly the right location for an optimal range of movement and comfort.

How does robotic assisted surgery work?
Just like in traditional knee replacement surgery, robotic knee replacement surgery involves removing the damaged cartilage and abnormal bone, then replacing all or part of the knee joint with an artificial joint. The goal is to give you a new knee that fits as closely as possible to your original knee, without the arthritis pain or degeneration. Robotic-assisted knee replacement lends unprecedented precision and consistency to the procedure, so you get the most personalized knee replacement possible.

What are the benefits?
Because robotic assisted surgery allows the surgeon to work more precisely, patients typically see a shorter recovery time. This type of surgery preserves more of the healthy surrounding tissues, so in many cases, patients can even go home on the same day as surgery. After robotic surgery, patients are up and moving right away with the help of a physical therapist and an assistive device like a walker or cane.

The precision of robotic assisted surgery also ensures a better fit of the artificial joint during surgery. The robotic arm has specialized navigation that allows surgeons to ensure the artificial knee parts are placed as accurately as possible and to fit your unique anatomy. That means a more natural fit and better function.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for robotic assisted surgery?
When non-surgical treatments haven’t improved or eliminated your knee pain, your doctor may recommend surgery. If you’re a good candidate for a traditional knee replacement surgery, then you are most likely well-suited for a robotic knee replacement, too. Some people may find robotic-assisted surgery especially beneficial, especially those who have had prior surgery or abnormal anatomy.

Once you’re ready to consider robotic assisted knee replacement surgery, consider scheduling a
visit with Dr. Sharp at DOC Orthopaedics. Dr. Sharp is board certified in orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine. He specializes in delivering state-of-the-art sports medicine and upper/lower extremity musculoskeletal care utilizing advanced arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive joint replacement, and complex fracture fixation.

Dr. Sharp graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in
Aerospace Engineering and worked for eight years on various NASA and defense projects as a
Senior Research Engineer for Lockheed in Huntsville, AL. He received his Doctor of Medicine
with honors from University of Alabama School of Medicine, did his general surgery internship
at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, and completed his orthopedic residency at the
internationally renowned Campbell Clinic in Memphis, TN.

Since joining DOC in 2000, Dr. Sharp has served as the Team Physician for Austin High School,
Calhoun Community College and various area schools. He also has an appointment on the
clinical faculty for the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has served in various leadership positions including Medical Staff President at Decatur Morgan Hospital an d is the
President of DOC.

Dr. Sharp continues to refine his skills by keeping abreast of the latest advances in surgical and
nonsurgical techniques for musculoskeletal care. His commitment to excellence, combined with
over 20 years of experience, ensures you will receive the best skilled orthopedic care possible.

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