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Is your favorite summertime shoe causing you foot pain?

Flip flops are the unofficial shoe of summer. When the warm weather starts, we see them on everyone from small children to grown men and women. At the beach, at the ball field, at the grocery store, this easy-on footwear is practically everywhere. And while they’re certainly convenient, when it comes to overall foot health, flip flops are a definite...

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Couch to 5K Injuries to Be Aware Of

Couch to 5K Injuries to Be Aware Of The current pandemic has many of us going a bit stir crazy and turning to exercise for relief –either to improve mental and physical health or to get rid of a few extra pounds. If you’re planning to start running, or if you already have, it’s important to make sure you take the proper steps to avoid injuring yourself. Even...

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Does your big toe pain keep you standing still?

The big toe joint holds up 100% of your weight every time you step.1 That pressure can cause the cartilage in the joint to wear down, leading to painful big toe arthritis. The good news? There are treatment options that can help you move again. what is CARTIVA® SCI synthetic cartilage implant (SCI)? CARTIVA® SCI HELPS KEEP...

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