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Not your father’s joint replacement

Not your father’s joint replacements

Sixty may be the new 40, but hips and knees frequently feel their age. To ensure that those later years are more comfortable and more active, Americans are more frequently opting for joint replacement surgeries that can improve both pain and mobility. Right now, more than 7 million Americans are living with a hip or knee replacement. And by 2030, the number of total knee replacements performed in the U.S. is expected to increase by more than 600 percent compared to 2005, while total hip replacements are expected to increase by nearly 200 percent over the same 10-year period.

If you’re considering joint replacement surgery – either because your physician has recommended it or because you’re ready to improve your mobility and reduce pain – you should know that today’s hip and knee replacement procedures bear little resemblance to those of years past. With robotic surgery options, you’ll find that the technology, the recovery, and the results are all very different from your parent’s experience.

Robotic Technology
“Robotic technology allows for an individualized surgical approach based on your own unique anatomy,” stated Dr. Randy Riehl, DOC Orthopaedic Surgeon. Using a CT scan, your surgeon can create virtual 3D models along with a unique surgical plan before you even enter the operating room. . “During surgery, we are now able to validate the plan and make any necessary adjustments – promoting best possible outcomes for our patients,” Dr. Riehl added.

Of course, it is the surgeon who performs the surgery using the assistance of a robotic arm, and can make adjustments during surgery as needed. In fact, your surgeon is still the most valuable part of the equation.

Faster Recovery
The improved precision and virtual planning of robotic surgery can significantly reduce recovery times for many patients. Robotic surgery typically means smaller incisions and greater surgical precision, so less bone and tissue are disturbed and the body’s natural healing process is expedited. “Over the past few months, we have been very pleased with our patient’s faster recovery time and reduced hospital stay,” said Dr. Riehl.

Improved Results
Because robotic techniques allow for greater precision, your surgeon can customize a knee or hip replacement to your unique anatomy, which means a more natural-feeling result. This increases the likelihood that you can completely forget about your joint replacement, rather than experiencing the stiffness, numbness, or even pain that may come with traditional replacement surgery.

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