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7 Benefits of Robotic Surgery

If you’re facing a diagnosis that may require surgery, you probably already have a short list of considerations to worry about: How soon will you need surgery? Where will you have it done? How long will your recovery be? 

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make will be the surgeon you select. In fact, choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon with access to the latest advanced robotic technology may transform your entire experience. 

Through the use of robotic-assisted surgery, DOC surgeons are now able to offer minimally invasive and more precise options for partial knee, total knee and hip replacement surgery.  

What to Expect

Anesthesia will depend on your specific surgery and recommendation from your surgeon. 

Robotic surgery patients typically have a shorter hospital stay than traditional surgery patients.  

The first step in preparing for joint replacement surgery is to use a 3D image of the patient’s bone anatomy to create an individualized surgical plan.  This new robotic technology lines up the new joint during the planning process to prepare for the most accurate positioning of the new joint.  During the surgery, the robotically assisted arm is guided by the physician and the computerized plan, to achieve the most precise placement. 

The robot does not replace the surgeon—it merely enhances the physician’s level of planning and precision to create a more predictable, more accurate surgical experience.   

Top 7 Benefits

For most patients, there are 7 key benefits to robotic surgery:

  1. You’ll experience far less post-surgical pain compared to traditional alternatives
  2. There will be less blood loss, reducing the risk inherent in any surgery
  3. You’ll be left with fewer and smaller scars
  4. Your surgeon can execute more accurate joint replacements with the increased precision of robotic surgery
  5. You’ll enjoy a faster recovery time
  6. Your hospital stay will be substantially shorter
  7. There’s a much lower risk of infection

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