Total Ankle Replacement

It all comes down to the ankle

Total ankle replacement can be a great treatment of end-stage ankle osteoarthritis. Ankle fusion was the gold standard for a long time.  Fusing the ankle is still a great procedure with predictable results. Unfortunately, fusing the ankle eliminates a lot of motion and can wear out the surrounding joints. Ankle replacement has made great advancements in the past few decades. Current implants help alleviate pain while maintaining motion. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Daigre to see if an ankle replacement is the right procedure for you.

Dr. Daigre is trained on the following total ankle implants:

Ankle Replacement – Patient Specific Guides

Dr. Daigre can also utilize CT imaging so patient specific guides can be made for total ankle patients. This technology helps with large or complex deformities. The patient specific guides help with overall ankle alignment in the operating room. Talk with Dr. Daigre to see if this technology is right for you.

Dr. Daigre’s Total Ankle Replacements

Revision Ankle Replacement

If you have a previous total ankle replacement that hurts, Dr. Daigre will assess your current ankle and make treatment recommendations. Whether it is nonoperative treatment or a full ankle replacement revision, Dr. Daigre will discuss with you the possibilities concerning your painful ankle replacement. There are great revision implant options for those who need a full revision. 


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